Feel doomed to accept your fate?  That never needs to be the case. At Venn Negotiation, we have negotiated with hundreds of companies in dozens of industries. Our database of learning and our creative approach to problem-solving allow us to overcome these challenges for you. We negotiate the non-negotiable!


Negotiating in the Venn Zone

Negotiation Mastery Program


We advise our clients on effective negotiation strategies. We can serve as the direct interface with your counterpart, or as an adviser to your team. As a third-party, we can often challenge the other parties in ways that you may find difficult to do. Regardless of how you choose to work with us, you are always in control of the deal.

We negotiate. You approve and execute. 


  • Asset Purchase Agreements (M&A/Divestiture)

  • Transition Services Agreements (M&A/Divestiture)

  • Software Licensing

  • Technology/Telecommunications Agreements

  • Manufacturing Agreements

  • Services Contracts

  • Accounts Payable Restructuring


We are business professionals. We have built our careers around negotiation across industries and contract types.  We have deep analytic skills needed to understand client objectives as well as their counterparts.  We are students of people who take time to understand motivations and how people engage.  And, while we are not attorneys, mediators, or legal representatives, we have deep knowledge of contracts and how they impact day-to-day business operations.


We are: business professionals, expert negotiators, analysts, students of people, contract knowledgeable.


We are NOT attorneys or mediators. 


We negotiate with the whole of your business in mind. Whether negotiating on your behalf in cooperation with your business and legal teams or guiding you through the process, we always focus on your success.  In order to maximize profitability, we believe pricing and the contract terms need to be married together, and we work with your stakeholders to enfold the two elements into one.  Accomplishing this requires asking the right questions;  ones that  others often fail to consider.  Questions regarding operational impacts, regulatory obligations, customer service implications, financial risk, etc.

Christine McKay

Global Negotiation Strategist,

CEO/Founder Venn Negotiation

Christine McKay launched Venn Negotiation out of a passion for helping others find common ground and resolving complex issues.  She expertly and adeptly turns the non-negotiable into negotiable.  Her years of experience and her dedication to her clients’ success allow her to:  accelerate the negotiation process, positively impact profitability, and educate others.​


    Corporate and consulting leader. M&A and divestiture veteran. International business professional. Multi-industry background. Educator.


    Results-oriented. Collaborative. Creative. Bold. Fair-minded. Unconventional. Adaptable. Assertive. Intuitive


    Harvard.  Rensselaer.  Berkshire Community College.  School of Hard Knocks.


    Montana born and raised.  Honor student.  Unwed teen mom.  Formerly homeless and on welfare.  Wanted a different life and made one.


    Whether international, socio-economic, or professional roles and industries, Christine is honored to have experienced many different cultures.  As a negotiator, she successfully pulls from her unique experiences to create lasting results for her clients.   She is particularly gifted at seeing the forest through the trees while still seeing the trees.  She pulls what appear to be disparate ideas together and finds creative solutions to big issues.  She has negotiated across many industries including software, manufacturing, oil and gas, telecommunications, and more.  Christine’s work includes negotiating asset purchase and transition services agreements as well as managing leading pre- and post-merger negotiation.  She has negotiated from the viewpoint of both the buyer and the seller, for and with corporate development, sales teams as well as with strategic sourcing experts.  Christine frequently speaks on a broad range of negotiation-related topics.  She formerly served as an Adjunct Professor at Bentley University.

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