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When most people think of the word 'negotiation,' it evokes thoughts of Sun Tzu's "Art of War," chess, or even bullies in the boardroom. They use zero-sum thinking and operate from a place of scarcity, where if one party gets more, the other automatically gets less. There are clearly defined winners and losers even when they think they may be trying for a win-win scenario. At Venn Negotiation, we find that way of thinking outdated.

Venn Negotiation is an educational and consultative negotiation firm that aims to change the nature of negotiation. Offering individual and group negotiation training and negotiation services, Venn Negotiation helps individuals and businesses get more of what they want and provides them with the tools and techniques to negotiate for it. In our VennMasters™ Program, you will learn the processes to level the playing field in any relationship, whether personal or professional. With our negotiation services, we will either take the reins in your negotiation or provide consultative expertise to get you more of what you want.

The program, consisting of six 2-hour sessions and one 2-day intensive, is taught live! You’ll be able to interact with your instructor and put what you learn into practice. In addition, weekly office hours and a one-on-one review of your end-of-program report allows you to get the most out of the course. 

For a limited-time only, the beta version of this program is being taught by Christine McKay, Global Negotiation Specialist, and is being offered at a special, reduced rate. 

Are you ready to retake ownership of the negotiations in your relationships and business?

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"Negotiation isn't about winning. It's a conversation about a relationship, and you can't 'win' a relationship."







Business Negotiation Strategist, Christine McKay, author of “Why Not Ask? A Conversation About Getting More,” has has worked on behalf of numerous small and mid-sized companies and negotiated with many of the Fortune 500.

Christine launched Venn Negotiation to find common ground, level the playing field, and resolve complex issues for her clients. With over 25 years of experience, both international and domestic, Christine improves profitability and operational effectiveness through strategic contract integration.

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Welcome to In the Venn Zone™, a podcast that shows you how negotiations unfold and gives you insights into how you can take a different approach to your own negotiations. 

Join host Christine McKay every week to explore the various aspects of negotiation. She interviews a broad range of people who share their experiences, lessons and insights on how to approach deals more effectively.

Guests include:

  • C-Suite executives

  • Small business owners

  • Thought Leaders

Get ready to successfully level the playing field here In the Venn Zone™!


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