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Why Not Ask?

A Conversation About Getting More

In this interview-based book, you'll have a front-row seat to learning about the conversation of negotiation. You'll discover a simple process for building more successful and profitable relationships. This book aims to strip away the theory, the bravado, and the gamesmanship and show why negotiation is nothing more than a conversation about a relationship. Collaboration is crucial to finding common ground, so while conflict is inevitable, communication is key to every successful relationship. Asking for what you want is the most important thing, so why not ask?

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In this book, you'll discover a simple process for building more successful and profitable business relationships. The goal of this book is to guide you through the conversation of negotiation using real-life experiences and situations from a broad range of people. Whether you are negotiating with a customer, supplier, employee, or an investor, the lessons contained in SIGN HERE – NEGOTIATION STRATEGIES FOR THE REAL WORLD will help you get there. 

How To Ask For What You Want & Get It!

Christine McKay as an Author

Successful writer, Christine McKay, is the author of the soon-to-be-published books Why Not Ask? A Conversation About Getting More and Sign Here: Negotiation Strategies for the Real World. She helps small and mid-sized businesses level the playing field when negotiating with larger customers, suppliers, and investors through her writing. Christine has written articles for various publications such as Inside Supply Management, Mass High Tech, The Los Angeles Business Journal, Inc., and more. She co-authored “Third-Party Contracts in M&A: Identifying and Managing Common Implications” and is frequently quoted by major publications. When not penning articles or writing books, Christine publishes a blog at www.vennnegotiation.com detailing the contents of her podcast: In the Venn Zone.

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