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Negotiation is a conversation about a relationship™

Christine McKay
  • Are you new to negotiating?

  • Do you avoid negotiating because it feels uncomfortable or stressful?

  • Are you intimidated by the thought of having to negotiate?

  • Do you avoid difficult conversations or conflict?

  • You're Not Alone!

    Introducing Negotiations 101 - The Basics of Negotiation

    A two-day event combining education, exercises, practice time, & feedback. - where you'll play a role using a real-world case to practice negotiating with fellow classmates, and feedback from Christine.

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  • What You'll Learn

  • Negotiation: What it is & isn’t

  • Negotiation buzz words that matter

  • Negotiation Styles

  • Negotiation & Emotions

  • Common negotiation tricks & tactics

  • Negotiation process (You, Them, & It)

  • Building relationship vs. rapport

  • Documenting the Deal: A word about contracts

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  • About Your Instructor

    Christine McKay is the CEO of Venn Negotiation. Working as a negotiator for over 25 years, Christine has negotiated deals with companies of all sizes on a global scale. Christine has negotiated with and advised teams at HSBC, Suncor, Anthem, Marathon Oil, ITT, Verizon, Juniper Networks, Pulse Secure and more. In addition to her expertise as a negotiation specialist and advisor, Christine is also a skilled educator. As an instructor, Christine uses her hard earned experience to deliver easily applicable lessons and has done so at institutions such as Harvard Business School, UC Irvine, and Cornell University.  

  • Christine McKay
  • Benefits

  • Understand the foundational basics that every professional negotiator uses

  • Learn to recognize when you’re being played and what to do about it

  • Overcome fear and anxiety associated with negotiating

  • Discover the role of emotion in negotiation

  • Get actionable feedback on your negotiation

  • I'm Ready To Get Started!

    What's Included

  • 2 Day Virtual Event Covering the 8 Fundamentals of Negotiation

  • Exercises

  • Practice time in a real negotiation based on a Harvard University case study

  • Expert-level Feedback

  • A signed copy of Why Not Ask - A Conversation About Getting More, written by Christine McKay

  • Access to a global community

  • Quarterly newsletter

  • Two payment options

  • Complimentary ticket to upcoming live event

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  • You can’t win a relationship, but you can get more value out of it™

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