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What you will get

  • Six weeks of 2-hour lessons with live instruction.

  • 3 exercises designed to impart valuable skills such as contract mapping, to aid in your negotiations.

  • 3 Simulations based on actual negotiations, providing you an opportunity to put the lessons you learn into practice.

  • Invaluable knowledge of techniques that will help you adapt your negotiation style to any situation.

  • Two full days of in-depth, live instruction and practice building on the teachings from our prerequisite VennMasters Corporate™ Course.

  • 6 Negotiation simulations where you will work through real examples of deals to deliver fresh ideas and new solutions.

  • Networking opportunities with your fellow participants as you interact and work together to find solutions to your negotiations with your counterparts.

  • Practical experience you can apply to both your business and personal negotiations.

  • Testimonials

    We were on the receiving end of a customer service disaster and wanted a refund. The supplier said, “We don't do that.” We asked Venn Negotiation for help. With their coaching and support, we ended up getting 100% of our money back! For that, we will always be grateful for Venn Negotiation and would recommend them highly to anybody who is in the same predicament.

    - T. Torres, Customer Retention Executive

    You were one of the heroes that helped us keep alive, and eventually thrive.

    - D. Steinberg , CEO | Technology company seeking to avoid bankruptcy by renegotiating with a critical supplier

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