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What Our Clients Are Saying

You were one of the heroes that helped us keep alive, and eventually thrive.

D. Steinberg


Technology company seeking to avoid bankruptcy by renegotiating with a critical supplier

We were on the receiving end of a customer service disaster and wanted a refund. The supplier said, “We don't do that.” We asked Venn Negotiation for help. With their coaching and support, we ended up getting 100% of our money back! For that, we will always be grateful for Venn Negotiation and would recommend them highly to anybody.

T. Torres

Customer Retention Executive

[Christine] is firm, knows what is fair, and achieves optimum outcomes even in "difficult" negotiations. She ran complex, multi-threaded negotiations with nuance and skill while never losing sight of attaining a successful conclusion for both parties.

Jeff Key

Former CFO - Pulse Secure

Private Equity Principle in technology industry


"Negotiation isn't about winning. It's a conversation about a relationship, and you can't 'win' a relationship."


We Make Your Negotiations Easier On You

How many times have you agreed to something that wasn't in your best interest because you just didn't have time to negotiate it or it was easier just to accept it? Well, that stops now. We are here so that you get more value out of your business relationships.

  • Contract Risk Assessment

  • Leading your negotiations

  • Bespoke consultative services

  • Programs:

    At Venn Negotiation, we offer comprehensive negotiation instruction and services to empower individuals and businesses with the tools and techniques necessary to achieve better outcomes. Whether through our VennMasters™ or Negotiation 101 programs, we provide the skills to level the playing field in personal and professional relationships. Our approach emphasizes education and practical application, prioritizing the development of negotiation skills for our clients' success.

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    Step Back and Take a Different Path

    At Venn Negotiation, we offer a refreshing alternative to old-fashioned winner-take-all negotiation methods.

    As the premier Negotiation Center of Excellence for businesses like yours, we understand the challenges negotiations pose and the limitations of the "win-lose" mindset.

    Our expert negotiation consulting services encompass contract risk assessments, deal leadership, and customized guidance tailored to your specific needs.

    Additionally, we provide exclusive educational programs that equip you with effective negotiation skills. Act fast, as our popular programs have limited availability.

    Embrace Venn Negotiation to transform your approach to negotiations and achieve your goals. Discover the difference in your business today.

    CEO, Christine McKay

    Christine McKay is an expert business negotiator with a broad range of experience in negotiating numerous types of business relationships. An expert in David & Goliath negotiations and having worked on deals valued at over $100 billion, McKay has negotiated with or for nearly half of the Fortune 500. In addition, McKay is a sought-after media guest, international speaker, and author of the book, Why Not Ask? A Conversation about Getting More.

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    In the Venn Zone

    Welcome to In the Venn Zone™, a podcast that shows you how negotiations unfold and gives you insights into how you can take a different approach to your own negotiations. 

    Join host Christine McKay every week to explore the various aspects of negotiation. She interviews a broad range of people who share their experiences, lessons, and insights on how to approach deals more effectively.

    • C-Suite executives

    • Small business owners

    • Thought Leaders

    • Get ready to successfully level the playing field here In the Venn Zone™!

    Venn Zone™
    Venn Zone Poster

    Stop dealing with toxic negotiators, we can help.

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