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Get more of what you want!

When most people think of the word 'negotiation,' they think of combative situations where they need to be on the offense so they don't get played. They operate from a place of scarcity, where if one party gets more, the other automatically gets less. There are clearly defined winners and losers even when they think they may be trying for a win-win scenario. At Venn Negotiation, we find that way of thinking outdated.

Venn Negotiation provides negotiation consulting and education. We are changing the nature of negotiation by getting you more of what you want for yourself and your business. In our Negotiation 101, VennMasters™, and VennMasters Corporate™ Programs, you learn the tools and techniques to negotiate for what you want, leveling the playing field in any relationship. With our VennPro Services™ , we will either lead your negotiation or provide consultative expertise to get you more of what you want.


VennMasters™ is a negotiation training program designed to change the way you think about negotiation. Our level 1 program consists of a 2-hour per week, 6-week course with a 2-day practical. At the end of our program, you will be able to negotiate effectively for what you want.

VennMasters Corporate™

Tailored to meet your company’s needs, VennMasters Corporate™ will enhance your team’s negotiation skills and create a unified approach to your negotiation strategy. We will leverage current or past examples from your company, giving your team specialized knowledge to help them lead any future deals even more effectively.

VennPro Services™

We work with you to help you get the most out of your negotiations with VennPro Services™ . Whether we advise you on your deal or lead the negotiation, our services help you throughout the negotiation process. We provide a valuable third-party view of the possibilities and often help improve your leverage while enhancing your relationships' profitability.

Get More out of Your Negotiations

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What you will learn

  • Gain confidence to ask for what you want

  • Learn tools for managing difficult conversations

  • Understand how to think from your counterpart’s perspective


A man holding and reading something on his tablet

What you will learn

  • Align your team on approach

  • Establish a repeatable, duplicatable negotiation process

  • Close deals more quickly

  • Build more profitable relationships

VennMasters Corporate™

Conference Room

What you will learn

  • Move difficult conversations forward more quickly

  • Elevate your credibility and improve your leverage

  • Develop and execute a strategy and get more of what you want

VennPro Services™

"Negotiation isn't about winning. It's a conversation about a relationship, and you can't 'win' a relationship."


Christine McKay , CEO

Business Negotiation Strategist, Christine McKay, author of “Why Not Ask? A Conversation About Getting More,” has worked on behalf of numerous small and mid-sized companies and negotiated with many of the Fortune 500.

Christine launched Venn Negotiation to find common ground, level the playing field, and resolve complex issues for her clients. With over 25 years of experience, both international and domestic, Christine improves profitability and operational effectiveness through strategic contract integration.

In the Venn Zone

Welcome to In the Venn Zone™, a podcast that shows you how negotiations unfold and gives you insights into how you can take a different approach to your own negotiations. 

Join host Christine McKay every week to explore the various aspects of negotiation. She interviews a broad range of people who share their experiences, lessons, and insights on how to approach deals more effectively.

  • C-Suite executives

  • Small business owners

  • Thought Leaders

  • Get ready to successfully level the playing field here In the Venn Zone™!

Venn Zone™
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