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Stop struggling to communicate. 

Ask for what you want...

and get it!

Get familiar with negotiation as I walk you through effective communication in our VennMasters™ Level 1 program.

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Become an

Effective Communicator

Need help getting what you want?

Want to learn how to communicate your needs and wants to get the results you’re looking for?

Imagine being able to communicate in a way to get your counterpart to see eye to eye with you...

you could finally sign a contract you feel good about, close your next big deal, get that raise you deserve… or get a great price on your next car!

You’re right — being agreeable is an easy path to take.  

And it may seem like giving in or giving up is what’s best if you want to keep a healthy relationship between two parties... but that way of thinking means you end up getting the short end of the stick.

Stop struggling to communicate.

Your needs and wants are just as important as your counterpart’s.

It’s time to start communicating effectively in order to get results. It’s time to negotiate.

What if I told you that negotiation isn’t what you think it is?

It doesn’t have to be difficult, uncomfortable or even end with a winner and a loser...

A negotiation is nothing more than a conversation. It’s a conversation about a relationship — and there is no “win” in relationship!™

It’s a different way of looking at negotiation and how to use it to get what you want. 

Yes, some conversations can be difficult. Maybe even scary. But I can help you with that…

A negotiation is nothing more than a conversation. It’s a conversation about a relationship — and there is no “win” in relationship!™ - Christine McKay

Hi, I’m Christine McKay.

I’m a Business Negotiation Strategist, CEO/Founder of Venn Negotiation and for a limited time only… your Level 1 VennMasters™ Program instructor. 

To date, I’ve worked in 53 countries with nearly half the Fortune 500. I’ve spent years negotiating for large corporations to help them get what they want.

But now, I’m here to use my 26 years of negotiating experience to help YOU.

I’ve created a program that dives into negotiation including sessions that go over what it is and isn't, the different styles, how to communicate with each one and how to tackle informal and formal contracts you encounter in your everyday life.

I’m here to empower the negotiator in you! It’s all in my course.


Level 1 Program

This live course gives you hours of information to help you understand negotiation and apply different strategies in your everyday life. Take advantage of all the in-class, live exercises to help you practice and master the skills.

I guide you through the entire program and make myself easily accessible to ensure you get the most out of the course.

Course Contents

Here’s what you can expect when you register for the VennMasters™ Level 1 program:

Six 2-Hour Sessions

The program is broken up into six parts, helping you gradually advance from a basic understanding of negotiation to being able to implement it in different settings you may encounter in your everyday life.

  • Session 1: Negotiation — What It Is and Isn’t

    Clearly define negotiation and participate in an exercise to set the stage for other sessions.

  • Session 2: Who Are You as a Negotiator?

    Find out who you are as a negotiator as you learn about the different negotiation styles and how you can use them as tools in communication.

  • Session 3: Know What You Want

    Discover what it means to know what you want, and how it affects the way you approach negotiations.

  • Session 4: Understanding Your Counterpart

    Learn how to research and understand your counterpart in order to effectively communicate with them in negotiations.

  • Session 5: Engage in Negotiation

    Gain insight on what happens in negotiations including how to discover lies and pick up on nonverbals and microexpressions.

  • Session 6: Living With Negotiation

    Learn what it means to live with the formal and informal contracts you make every day by familiarizing yourself with the five types of risks that you deal with in negotiations.

One 2-Day Intensive

Dive deeper into the art of negotiation during the 2-day intensive. You’ll recap the information covered in the six sessions in more detail and practice the skills and strategies you’ve studied.

Weekly Office Hours

Take advantage of weekly office hours to talk directly with me about the program and ask questions.

One-on-One Meeting

At the end of the VennMasters™ Level 1 program, meet with me one-on-one to review your individualized progress report in detail. I’ll talk to you about your strengths and weaknesses and provide you with information on how you can improve your skills.

I’m ready to empower the negotiator in me!

I want to register for the VennMasters™ Level 1 program NOW!

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Take control of your relationships and business.

Get ready to negotiate.

Now is the time to give yourself permission to ask for what you want — and get it!

Don’t miss out on my program’s special, discounted price!

This course is currently in beta phase, so now is the time to take advantage of the low price.

It won’t be this low forever!

Register now to work with me personally in my program — I will be the program instructor for a limited time only!

I’m passionate about this program. I want to help empower you to ask for what you want. And this course will provide you with the skills so you can negotiate for it.

VennMasters™ Level 1 Program

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Limited-time offer!

Discover what it means to truly communicate effectively to get the most out of your relationships.

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Register for the VennMasters™ Level 1 program NOW!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“You were one of the heroes that helped us keep alive, and eventually thrive.”

D. Steinberg


Technology company seeking to avoid bankruptcy by renegotiating with a critical supplier

“We were on the receiving end of a customer service disaster and wanted a refund. The supplier said, “We don't do that.” We asked Venn Negotiation for help. With their coaching and support, we ended up getting 100% of our money back! For that, we will always be grateful for Venn Negotiation and would recommend them highly to anybody who is in the same predicament.”

T. Torres

Customer Retention Executive

“I’m glad you showed me how to ask for more. Thank you for all of your advice! I felt like a super-empowered badass after doing that!”

J. Rasmussen

Owner, Fashion Retail

“Venn Negotiation helped me close one of my largest client deals. In a matter of 20 – 30 minutes, I had a new strategy and new approach. And, it worked! I highly recommend learning from Christine McKay and Venn Negotiation. It will change how I approach all of my deals in the future!”

M. Munoz

Owner, Healthcare Placement

“I am grateful to Christine and Venn Negotiation for their amazing negotiation skills. They negotiated a very detailed, complicated, multi-year dissolution on my behalf. In the end, both parties came out feeling okay with the financial split and happy to move forward with respect, decency, and honor. I highly recommend calling Venn Negotiation if you are ending a relationship and need help distributing assets but still want to hold onto the things that were good in your relationship or partnership.”

S. Pohl

Founder, Non-Profit and International Philanthropist

"Christine is methodical, knowledgeable, and professional in her style. She's confident in her capabilities. In working with our customers, she understood that a "scorched earth" approach to negotiation wouldn't work. Yet, she never gave into arbitrary pressures (They are a big customer. They get agreement on these terms all the time. etc). She is firm, knows was it fair and achieves optimum outcomes even in "difficult" negotiations. She ran complex, multi-threaded negations with nuance and skill while never losing sight of attaining a successful conclusion for both parties."

Jeff Key

CFO and Private Equity Principle in technology industry



The skills you learn in my course will be used in everything you do…

from negotiating new contracts with your landlord or supplier to closing deals and making agreements with the people around you.

  • Discover how to effectively communicate

  • Strengthen your relationships

  • Protect your investments and grow your business

  • In just a few weeks you’ll be able to implement what you’ve learned in your personal and professional life. You’ll be able to use your skills to close your next big deal, save money on your car purchase or negotiate new terms on your lease.

     The value you can get out of taking my course is immeasurable!

    However, missing out on it could possibly mean losing clients, letting a promotion slip away or needing to file for bankruptcy.

    Don’t waste any more time getting the short end of the stick. 

    It’s time to level the playing field because your needs and wants are just as important as your counterpart’s.

    Register for the VennMasters™ Level 1 program NOW!

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