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If you feel overwhelmed, stuck, or frustrated with your negotiations, we can help, whether that help is in an advisory role or more in the forefront of your negotiations. At Venn Negotiation, our goal is to get you more of what you want.  

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Christine is methodical, knowledgeable, and professional in her style. She's confident in her capabilities. In working with our customers, she understood that a "scorched earth" approach to negotiation wouldn't work. Yet, she never gave into arbitrary pressures (They are a big customer. They get agreement on these terms all the time. etc). She is firm, knows what is fair and achieves optimum outcomes even in "difficult" negotiations. She ran complex, multi-threaded negotiations with nuance and skill while never losing sight of attaining a successful conclusion for both parties.

-Jeff Key, CFO and Private Equity Principle in Technology Industry

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You were one of the heroes that helped us keep alive, and eventually thrive.

-D. Steinberg, CEO Technology company seeking to avoid bankruptcy by renegotiating with a critical supplier

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Venn Negotiation helped me close one of my largest client deals. In a matter of 20 – 30 minutes, I had a new strategy and a new approach. And, it worked! I highly recommend learning from Christine McKay and Venn Negotiation. It will change how I approach all of my deals in the future!

-M. Munoz Owner, Healthcare Placement

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I am grateful to Christine and Venn Negotiation for their amazing negotiation skills. They negotiated a very detailed, complicated, multi-year dissolution on my behalf. In the end, both parties came out feeling okay with the financial split and happy to move forward with respect, decency, and honor. I highly recommend calling Venn Negotiation if you are ending a relationship and need help distributing assets but still want to hold onto the things that were good in your relationship or partnership.

-S. Pohl, Founder, Non-Profit and International Philanthropist

About Venn Negotiation

Venn Negotiation is an educational and consultative negotiation firm that aims to change the nature of negotiation. We amplify the voices of small and mid-sized businesses by providing negotiation consulting services and experiential negotiation training. We are tireless problem-solvers with a deep curiosity about our clients, their counterparts, and their relationships. We empower the negotiator in you and help the world understand that we all can have more when we collaborate effectively.

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VennMasters™ Corporate 

Using proven processes and methods, we will train your team to negotiate more effectively for your business to close deals faster and have higher success rates. Click the link below for more information on how you can improve your leverage at the negotiation table.

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