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Who Are We?

Founded in 2019, Venn Negotiation is a firm that offers big company negotiation expertise to small and mid-sized businesses. The firm serves as the Negotiation Center for Excellence for its clients, providing them with customized and results-driven negotiation services.

With a team of skilled negotiation experts, Venn Negotiation offers a range of services, including negotiating on behalf of clients, coaching their teams, and developing tailored negotiation strategies. The company's approach is highly consultative and educational, ensuring that clients have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in negotiations.

Venn Negotiation is on a mission to help small and mid-sized businesses thrive. The firm builds long-term relationships with clients and provides them with the negotiation expertise they need to achieve their business goals. Its innovative and personalized approach to negotiation has earned it a reputation as a trusted partner for companies looking to improve their negotiation outcomes and grow their businesses.

Our Mission

We create value through negotiation.

Our Vision

To empower people and companies to ask for what they want.

Our Values

We value our four C’s:





Meet CEO, Christine McKay

A highly accomplished business negotiator and CEO of Venn Negotiation, Christine McKay has negotiated with, or for, nearly half of the Fortune 500, totaling over $100 billion. With expertise in various sectors, including financial services, oil & gas, telecommunications, software, IT services, manufacturing, hardware, healthcare, and trade industries, Christine is committed to finding common ground and providing a level playing field in complex negotiations for her clients.

Christine is also a published author with an Amazon bestseller, "Why Not Ask?: A Conversation about Getting More," and is a contributing author to "Third-Party Contracts in M&A: Identifying and Managing Common Implications."

With a passion for helping small and mid-sized companies achieve their negotiation goals, Christine brings expertise, commitment, and a dedication to finding the best possible outcomes for her clients.

Stop dealing with toxic negotiators, we can help.

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