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VennMasters™ Corporate

Is your team closing the deals that you want as successfully as you hoped? Using unique processes and methods, we will train your team to negotiate more effectively for your business and close deals faster. Click the link below for more information on how you can improve your leverage at the negotiation table.

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Your team will learn how to:

Establish a repeatable, duplicatable negotiation process

Close deals more quickly and effectively

Build more profitable relationships with your suppliers and clients

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[Christine] is firm, knows what is fair and achieves optimum outcomes even in "difficult" negotiations.

-Jeff Key, CFO and Private Equity Principle in Technology Industry

About Your Instructor

Christine McKay is the CEO of Venn Negotiation. Working as a negotiator for over 25 years, Christine has negotiated deals with companies of all sizes on a global scale. Christine has negotiated with and advised teams at HSBC, Suncor, Anthem, Marathon Oil, ITT, Verizon, Juniper Networks, Pulse Secure and more. In addition to her expertise as a negotiation specialist and advisor, Christine is also a skilled educator. As an instructor, Christine uses her hard earned experience to deliver easily applicable lessons and has done so at institutions such as Harvard Business School, UC Irvine, and Cornell University.  

Christine McKay

VennMasters™ Corporate Course

In our VennMasters™ Corporate Course, for six weeks, your employees will learn from an experienced negotiation specialist how to negotiate effectively to get more of what you want

  • Six weeks of 2-hour lessons with live instruction.

  • 3 exercises designed to impart valuable skills such as contract mapping, to aid in your negotiations.

  • 3 Simulations based on actual negotiations, providing you an opportunity to put the lessons you learn into practice.

  • Invaluable knowledge of techniques that will help you adapt your negotiation style to any situation.

  • VennMasters™ Corporate Practical

    Our VennMasters™ Corporate Practical is a two-day intensive event where your employees will gain valuable experience by negotiating with simulated deals.

  • Two full days of in-depth, live instruction and practice building on the teachings from the VennMasters Corporate™ Course.

  • Up to 6 Negotiation simulations where you will work through real examples of deals to deliver fresh ideas and new solutions.

  • Networking opportunities with your fellow participants as you interact and work together to find solutions to your negotiations with your counterparts.

  • Practical experience you can apply to both your business and personal negotiations.

  • VennMasters™ Corporate is an innovative negotiation training program designed to change the way you think about negotiation. Our Level 1 program for individuals consists of a 2-hour per week, 6-week course with a 2-day practical. Our program will elevate your negotiation skills and empower the negotiator in you.

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    If you need support for a planned or ongoing negotiation,

    check out VennPro™ Services. 

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